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Our Services, Scardetta Family Dentistry,  Webster NY, 585.671.4420

At Dr. Ronald P. Scardetta, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide a wide array of personalized services, from basic to more advanced procedures. We have the technology, tools and knowledge to improve your smile and maintain healthy teeth.

We provide the following:

Our Services, Scardetta Family Dentistry,  Webster NY, 585.671.4420Basic Dental Procedures

  • Cleanings
  • X-rays
  • Exams
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Bleaching
  • Periodontal Treatment
Our Services, Scardetta Family Dentistry,  Webster NY, 585.671.4420

More Involved Procedures

  • Extractions
  • Crown and Bridge
  • Root Canals
  • Implants
  • Cosmetic Veneers
  • Bondings
  • Dentures

Our office philosophy is to offer premium care at moderate costs. Some dental procedures are simply more involved than others, but often there are alternatives which we are happy to discuss. Our desire is to thoroughly explain the problem so that you can make an educated decision on a solution that's right for you. We understand that not everyone has an unlimited budget. Sometimes a long term treatment plan is the best but sometimes a "patch job" is the most affordable solution. Whatever the case, we want you to know that we will do our utmost to keep you comfortable and give you the most accurate advice on your dental care.

Please feel free to discuss any dental services with us, and we can either perform the service in-house or refer you to a specialist.

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