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Patient Testimonials, Scardetta Family Dentistry,  Webster NY, 585.671.4420

#1 Dentist in Rochester, New York! Dr. Ronald Scardetta on 632 Ridge Road Webster is one of the finest organizations we have ever dealt with. They are honest & forthright and do the highest quality of work there is available. He truly knows what people can afford all the while working with patients to perform the tasks to work with each patients own situation. We've been going for 6 years. They're always so welcoming when you come in and out of the office. My husband & I can't praise them enough. Thank you Dr. Ronald Scardetta and all the staff for all you do. - Joan W.

Being new to the area, I didn't even know where to begin for a local reputable dentist. I was referred to Dr. Ronald Scardetta's office in Webster and couldn't imagine going anywhere else! The dentist and staff go out of their way to make every patient feel comfortable. Right when you walk in the staff is extremely friendly and warm towards the most loyal patient all the way down to myself as a new patient! I never have to wait for my appointment because they respect my time as much as they respect their own time. Which is great because I've at times just felt like I was a patient number in other dentist's offices, but it's not the case here. I would highly recommend this office to everyone! - Joan E.

The only place to go for WORLDCLASS dentistry! I'd highly recommend Dr.Ronald Scardetta because he clearly does it all as a dentist in Rochester New York for instance: Cleanings, xrays, exams, oral cancer screenings, bleaching, periodontal treatment, extractions, corwns, bridges, root canals, implants, cosmetic veneers, bonding and dentures! I've been going to Dr. Scardetta for about 20 years and wouldn't go to anyone else. I always feel comfortable and welcomed right when I walk into the office on Ridge Road. He consistently answers all of my questions and concerns where I've NEVER been disappointed by the office. Dr. Scardetta's very personable along with the girls in the office. Plus it never hurts the location is PERFECT for me (right around the corner)! I'd highly recommend anyone to give him a call for an appointment! - Rosemary A.

I've been going to the office of Dr. Scardetta since 1975 and couldn't imagine going anywhere else! They have the check in and check out time down to science, I've never had to wait over 2 minutes in the waiting area. The front desk coordinator always greets you when you first walk in. I've had instances where I'm under time constraints and they are always pleasant to work with you to accommodate you in any way they can. The cleanliness of the practice is excellent, there's no question about that. I truly appreciate the quality of work Dr. Scardetta is giving me along with their talented staff of professionals! It's always a personable experience when doing xrays or just popping in for a teeth cleaning. They explain everything to you, so you know exactly whats going on at all times to give you peace of mind at the dentists office. I honestly cannot say enough great things about Dr. Scardetta and his professional team! I'd highly recommend calling for an appointment TODAY! - Sister Rosemary